Application form for residents of Hellenic Republic for the 31st Ship for World Youth program

For information on the SWY Programme and requirements for candidates please press here.

Personal Information
Fill in your mobile phone through which you can be reached through calls and SMS
Note that only people born after April 2, 1987 up to and including April 1, 2000 are eligible to apply in this program.
Note that this application is open only to those legally residing in Hellenic Republic.
Write down the address you are residing on the moment and until the beginning of the program (15/1/2019). In case you are residing or planning on reside in 2 different addresses write both of them and the periods you are residing in each.
Youth area
Explain briefly (50 - 500 words) what is your experience in activities involving youth.
List the international exchange experiences you have participated by mentioning: visited/hosted countries, activity details)
Write down the name of the program and when this happened.
Dancing, performing, media, sports, arts etc.
Choose the three most related to you characteristics.
Focus questions
Be brief and concise (50 - 500 words)
Be brief and concise (50 - 500 words)
Be brief and concise (50 - 500 words)
If any explain briefly (50 - 500 words)
There is an established Alumni Association of ex Participants from Greece active in social impact activities and by successfully finishing the program you are eligible in being member of it. Be brief and concise (50 - 500 words)
How did the information of this program reached you?
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